Extraordinary Everyday Photography (EEP) in Santa Rosa

April 7-8, 2018    

Tuition: $300.00. Class size limited to 10.   SOLD OUT

Join Jed Manwaring and Brenda Tharp, authors of Extraordinary Everyday Photography, and learn how to photograph the ordinary and bring to light the truth that everything can be interesting, even extraordinary, when the creative mind sees it.

The world is a fascinating place! Man and nature intertwine, and the lines, shapes, angles, colors, textures and patterns make it all a very interesting, visual place. However, in our everyday life we often miss the beauty, and the wonder, of what is right under our feet, right around us. This workshop presents methods for seeing beyond the subject, exercises for finding new vision, and covers the creative skills to translate what you see into a final image. Through field session, assignments, discussions and image reviews, you’ll learn how to transform the ordinary into something visually extraordinary.

• Learn how to slow down and open yourself to see what is around you

• Learn how to compose for simple, yet effective, images that express what you see

• Work through assignments given during class to stretch your mind’s eye

• Share your vision and get feedback in classroom review

The workshop will be conducted in Santa Rosa and surrounding locales (to be announced at the start of the workshop).

Schedule for Workshop: (These are approximate times)


9 AM Workshop begins with a class presentation.

11 AM – short assignment at nearby location.

12 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch Break

1:30 PM – 3 PM – Review of assignment photos

3 PM – 6 PM  – Photo session (locations to be announced at workshop).


6:00 Sunrise/morning light photo session (location to be determined)

9 AM-10:00 AM – Break for breakfast and photo shoot

10 AM – Noon – Classroom time for editing

12-1:00 PM – Catered Lunch

1 PM – 3 PM – Review Session and final show


For more images, please view our Extraordinary Everyday Photo Gallery.

What’s included: Instruction with 2 leaders, visual presentation/discussion, field sessions with guidance, image review, catered lunch on Saturday, drinks/snacks during image review.

What’s not included: Lodging (for those from out-of-town), transportation (we will car-pool), meals (except where noted above)

Payment: Due to the short lead-time for this workshop and classroom booking fees, a non-refundable payment in full reserves your space. Registration deadline is March 1st. Payment can be made using this paypal here (fees apply and are included in total) or by check. Please inquire about space before making payment by emailing Brenda.

More details will be sent upon registration