Dec 1-9, 2018


Cuba is an amazing destination for photographers and people interested in experiencing a culture that has been off-limits to US residents officially for many many years. The people are wonderful - a rich ethnic blend and a resilient, proud culture. Entering Cuba is like going back in time - and you really are when you hit the streets with colorful old cars from the 40's and 50's puttering by you, past decaying façades of French colonial influence. Around every corner, there are fascinating things to see and experience. Our legal, people-to-people cultural trip is designed to put you in touch with the local people in all the areas we visit, which in turn provides for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Cuba is a definite ‘hot spot’ for travelers wanting to experience all things Cuban. It’s popularity has not diminished our enjoyment of the authentic Cuba however. We head out very early to photograph the sunrise and morning light, well before the average tourist group is up and about; we wander of the beaten pathways into side streets in villages and in the cities, too.

After 6 successful photo tours of western Cuba including Trinidad, we’re including the ORIENTE – eastern Cuba. We’ll visit the coastal town of Baracoa with its tropical influence, unique music and fishing/farming culture. We’ll explore the hilly streets of Santiago de Cuba and explore the music scene there. We’ll visit a nearby island village and areas just outside of the city. We’ll then fly to Havana, and spend in-depth time exploring off the beaten path there, too, to create connections and experiences that translate into great photographic opportunities. 

If you have been to western Cuba and are looking for something fresh, this photo tour will be a great option! If you haven’t been to Cuba yet, this tour offers you the best of both sides – an introduction to Havana, and the tropical, eastern side of Cuban life. 

We emphasis connection with people, and those connections unfold into photographic opportunities. We have planned meetings with Cuban ballerinas, boxers, and we seek out music and artist interactions all along the way, seeking to create an essence of place and the people that live there.


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